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VISA Guidelines for Attendees

  • It's the attendee’s commitment to investigate the visa essentials for the conference venue like Canada, Italy, and France etc. to apply for a visa, if significant. Participants in need of an official Letter of Invitation from the ICON Conferences can request one by email by staying in contact with us at   customerservice@iconconferences.org  or Whatsapp us: +1(614)-822-8160

  • Icon will only provide the Letter of Invitation to participants, going with individuals/kids, if they register for the conference. The enrollment cost less dealing with charge will be discounted after the conference if the visa was applied for in time and proof is shown that a visa couldn't be permitted regardless of the way that each and every referenced document were submitted. Email us for refund appeal: customerservice@iconconferences.org

  • The extent of the visa would be rigorously for the duration of the Event dates. Candidates ought not propose more than the event dates in the Visa application form.

  • All costs acquired according to the conference are the sole duty of the participants. All expenses realized by the event are the sole obligation of the attendees.

**Conferences scheduled in Canada are registered by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and issued Special Event Code. And same we are going to implement for other countries events.


ICON Conferences facilitates a dialogue between the 4-G’ (Great Guests Global Gathering) and aims extremely at swapping of ideas, with prominent experts across the globe. Organize extraordinarily planned conferences. Runs on The Motto “Our Platform; You Perform” which signifies the utilization of our platform by each individual, who wants to present their research and talk.

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