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To encourage attendance at ICON Conferences, ICON Conferences provide selected financial grant for best conference abstract and outstanding speaker talk.

  • $299 conference registration mandatory

  • Best Abstract: Up to 299 USD (unless otherwise noted) reimbursement to retroactively be used toward airfare and accommodation costs (will be awarded after the conference)

  • Best Speaker Talk : Up to 1,000 USD towards travel and accommodation costs (will be paid after the conference)

Scholarships will be awarded to the most qualified persons based on abstract review. Every applicant will be notified of their status according to the time frames specified for the conferences.


ICON Conferences facilitates a dialogue between the 4-G’ (Great Guests Global Gathering) and aims extremely at swapping of ideas, with prominent experts across the globe. Organize extraordinarily planned conferences. Runs on The Motto “Our Platform; You Perform” which signifies the utilization of our platform by each individual, who wants to present their research and talk.

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