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About Us

  • Conferences and esteemed lectureships will give the community an opportunity to learn from the best and gain the valuable exposure.

  • Promote cross talks between technology, healthcare sectors and industry to accelerate innovation and benefits.

  • Showcasing successful companies/institutions, leaders/executives, with a well-deserved recognition, will boost confidence to perform better.

  • Sharing best practices, case studies, and research findings will benefit the community globally.

  • Building consortium with government institutions, academics, and private institutions will help in new collaborations and will promote open innovation.

  • Connecting big, midsize, & small companies/ institutions, together “under one roof” will forge partnerships.

  • Promoting R&D in IT and digital health will foster innovation to build solutions to hard problems.


ICON Conferences facilitates a dialogue between the 4-G’ (Great Guests Global Gathering) and aims extremely at swapping of ideas, with prominent experts across the globe. Organize extraordinarily planned conferences. Runs on The Motto “Our Platform; You Perform” which signifies the utilization of our platform by each individual, who wants to present their research and talk.

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2372 Morse Ave, Suite #151 ,
Irvine, CA 92614



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